19 Jan

Jainism – a universal cure.

We all dream of an ideal world where everyone is in bliss and happiness is all around and where no sorrow exists. But opening our eyes wide, we realize its a distant dream. BUT, is it really a distant dream with the possible solutions we have at our disposal? Can the principles of Jainism be a cure to the problems of the world? Lets explore!


A solution to all the problems plaguing the world!

Wait, let the super hero, the saviour, enter in the end. lets rewind and first identify the problems.

  • Few days back people predicted a World War 3 with the tensions which had arisen between America and Iran.
  • Civilians of Iraq and Syria suffer daily by the terrorist organizations of Saudi Arabia and Iran.
  • It has not been long to the disastrous Australian bush fires which has completely swept off the flora and fauna over there. Famines, droughts, floods and extreme temperatures are a common thing now.
  • Few Months back India witnessed the horrific Hyderabad Gang rape case which shook the entire nation.
  • In Africa still, children are dying out of poverty and starvation.
  • and the list of problems goes on..
This is one of the most common sight in Africa, children suffering from ‘Kwashiorkor’ caused due to starvation. 5 million children annually die due to starvation and poverty.
One of the million innocent lives burnt to death in the Australian Bush Fire.

The world is suffering from a hosts of problems, and peace and bliss for all seems a distant dream. But is it really a distant dream after looking at the solutions we have at our disposal? Lets look at how Jainism offers a solution to all the burning problems of the world.

Problem 1: Terrorism

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Dashvaikalika Sutra’ “श्री दशवैकालिक सूत्र”

Shlok: “Savvabhuyappabhuyass Samm Bhuyaai Paaso

Meaning : “we should look at all life forms on Earth as if we ourselves are them. This is the only true way to look at others”

If on a universal level this teaching of Jainism is accepted then Terrorism can be destroyed by its roots! The idea that the one in front of me is  ‘another being’ and ‘is different and lesser than me’ is the reason why Terrorism is born. When a person can see his own self, his own soul in others, only then terrorism can never survive in this world!

Exactly what Jain Philosophy preached 1000’s of years back! And the idea of equality for Jains is inclusive of even micro-organisms. If only Saudi Arabia and Iran would have seen all lives as equal, then Iraq wouldn’t have been their battleground and the innocent civilians of Syria and Iraq their victims.

After the disastrous Pulwama Attack of 2019 shook the world, Jaish – e – Muhammad leaked a video of the confession of Adil Ahmad Dar, the 22 year old behind the Pulwama Attack. Adil was among the 200 youth who were trained with arms by JEM and was brainwashed for a year. The brainwash can be clearly seen in the 8 minute confession video of Adil where he goes on to justify his act of terrorism by stating his hate for India and Hindus by calling them ‘Cow piss drinkers’ and ‘Mushariks’.

Dissecting his speech, one can find the divisive worldview of his masters which see their religion as the supreme and others as inferiors and unequal and hence worthy of being killed and completely wiped off. This goes on to show how important are the principles and teachings of Equality and Non-violence of Jainism if the world is to be cured of terrorism.

From humanity’s point of view it is really saddening and disturbing that Adil was brainwashed for a year to such an extent that in his 8 minute confession video he went on to proudly ‘otherize’ people from his same country and consider them as inferiors and worth of being killed.
This goes on to show how precious are the values of equality and non-violence of Jainism if the world is to eliminate terrorism.

Problem 2: Poverty

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Prashnavyaakran Sutra’

Shlok: “Parigahassa Falvivago Ihaloio
Parloio Appasuho Bahudukho”

Meaning: “In this birth as well as in after births, the consequence of hoarding property or assets and being materialistic is never good. In hoarding unnecessarily, one feels more of dissatisfied than feeling real happiness.”

Jainism has given a unique perspective to the world through its teachings that Just like stealing is a crime, even hoarding more than needed is a crime.

It is something worth sparing a thought that due to hoarding there is disturbance in economic stability. Due to which the majority of the nation is abstained by good standard of living, affordable food etc. This is what the economists say.

While Jainism gives a moral reason behind not hoarding, economists support it by giving practical reasons on how it can affect the economy at large.

If all the people of the world unite and take a pledge to not hoard or stock more than needed then the word ‘poor’ will only be limited to and exist within the dictionary.

Problem 3: Environmental Destruction

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Mahanishith Sutra’

Shlok: “Savvamvi chakkaaysmaarmbhe Mahaapaavtthane

Meaning: “Life forms of Earth, water, fire, air, vegetation and other life forms ranging from micro organsims to human beings, to harm or trouble any of them is unethical and a huge sin.”

Jainism is a philosophy which revolves around non-violence. As one can judge for themself in the sutra above, the pacifism of Jainism goes to the level deep of even not harming micro-organisms! In past Jain scholars have brainstormed and introspected on this with such scrutiny that they have consciously woven a lifestyle which doesn’t even harm the smallest of beings. This is the reason why Jain monks are said to have zero environmental footprint as they live a life dedicated to non-harm to even the smallest of beings and hence only consume or hoard what is the bare essentials on which a human can survive.

Jainism is the only religion in the world which has mastered ethical living par excellence. No other philosophy is even close to the pacifism of Jainism. This is something which even the great environmental ethicists have claimed. In depth philosophical and practical researches have been done, and are being done on this. It wont be surprising in future to find Jain way of living propagated as the optimum way of living.

In the field of Environmental Ethics, Jain way of living has been without any second thought found to be the most ethical way of living

Jainism has claimed for life to exist even within the soil and has even proved that. Various scientists and even microbiologists have confirmed this and accepted this. Today the world is screeming to save the planet and the environment for their own selfish reasons. Whereas Jainism aeons back ordered to save all life forms of the environment. Even the scientific findings which science confirms today, was done by jain scholars with the intention to not harm even the smallest of beings.

Till the time the teachings of Tirthankars aren’t accepted by heart, saving and protecting environment won’t be possible. The teachings of Jainism can save the whole world from destruction.

Problem 4: Corruption

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Vyakhyaprgyapti Sutra’

Shlok: “Hiranne ya Jaav Saavatejje Aggisaahiye,
Chorsahiye Raaysaahiye Macchusaahiye.
Saddannapadannaviddansnndhame pacha poraha cha na
Avass Vippjhnnijje.”

Meaning: “Gold, Silver, Platinum these in reality are not ours to own, they are even of the fire which changes it, the theif who steals it, the king who loots it, the inheritor son who inherits it and they are also owned by death who snatches everything away from . Because any one of these can take it from us any time.”

Jainism also stresses on non-stealing and hence preaches corruption as completely unethical and unacceptable. It is evident, because of the large harm it does to the society.

But other than that, one who indulges in corruption can never have peace of mind or peaceful sleep as he constantly worried of being caught. Also the one who indulges in corruption is never satisfied and hence in his dissatisfaction he indulges into perpetual habit of corruption which in turn makes his life a meaningless drama.

The destruction of all the assets we own is inevitably going to happen. Right now, or afterwards, assets will have to be left behind. One shouldn’t gather the pride of the assets they own. The root of corruption is pride. The root of pride is ignorance. Where the law and legal systems are failing is where teachings and principles of Jainism can become useful and successful. The only requirement is one should understand it thoroughly.

Problem 5: Physical Illness

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Oghniryukti Sutra’

Shlok: “Hiyaahaara Miyaahaara Appaahaara ya Je Nnaraa
Nna Te Vijja Tigichanti, Appaann Te Tigichaga.”

Meaning: “The ones who consume healthy food, nutritious food and less of outside, junk food, they have to visit the doctor less due to some illness, doesn’t become ill more often and becomes a health guide expert for his own self.”

Under the garb of momentary sensual pleasures and ignorance, man violates the right code of conduct and then starts losing out his money, health, family and happiness. Jainism gives a great code of conduct along with a manual of how to control the mind. Through which a person on individual level can save lakhs of rupees and can gain a healthy body along with it. On a Practical level can save lakhs of crores of precious working hours of consulting doctors and can save lakhs of crores of rupees of visiting the government hospitals and this money can be diverted to the different social welfare institutes catering to the other needs of the country.

Chauvihar is one of the codes of conducts prescribed by Jain Philosophy and is strictly observed by Jains worldwide. The benefits of Chauvihar have also been recognized by the yogic school of Indian Philosophy, scientists and nutritionists.

Problem 6: Mental Health

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Aacharang Sutra’

Shlok: “Je Annannadansi se annannaarame.
Je Annannaarame se Annannadansi.”

Meaning: “The mind which sees the invaluable self, that mind then introspects in that. The mind which introspects in itself, only that mind knows the reality of the self.”

There are two directions of the mind – 1) the exterior direction, towards people, things, situations and 2) the interior direction. The mind distracted towards the exterior becomes the cause of expectations, worry and disturbance. This state of mind creates tension, depression and madness. Because of this state of mind also physical ailments like headache, diabetes and heart attack are born. Solution to all these problems can only be brought if the mind is turned inwards towards the self.

Jainism has the complete capability to introduce one to the self within. Once any person realizes themself, then that person becomes stable within themselves only. One realizes optimum pleasure in the present moment. This experience of optimum pleasure always flows within one with a stable self. Hence this leaves no scope for any metal illness.

There have been a series of Meditation techniques propagated by Jainism which can help any seeker of truth in self realization and achieve the ultimate goal of life.

Problem 7: Global Warming

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Staanaang Sutra’

Shlok: “Chaoohinh Thhaannehinh Jiva Nnertiyattaae Kammam
Pakarentih. Nneraiyattaae Kammam Pakretti.
Nneriesu Uvavajjanti. Tam Jaha – Mhaarambhataate
Mhaapariggahatate Panchendiyavahennam Kunnimaaharennam.”

Meaning: “There are 4 causes to why any being does actions worth taking him to hell and be born in hell:- 1)Serious violence, 2) amassing more than required 3)To kill innocent birds and animals, 4) Consuming Meat.’

Scientist Have confirmed that the main cause of global warming is slaughter of animals and the consumption of meat products. These two are the major causes of global warming which gives rise to it. There are nearly 30 gases which contribute to the increase in temperature on Earth, in which the main gases are – 1)Carbon Dioxide 2) Methane. The industrial revolution and the animal husbandry industry has given rise to increase in number of machines, petrol, diesel, electricity. Consequence, carbon diaoxide level 280ppm in air in the year 1850 rose to 380ppm in 2005. If animal slaughter isn’t stopped then this level of ppm will rise to 600 ppm in next 50 years. Methane gas is said to be 26 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. The faeces and urine of animals releases methane in air. America and Canada contribute to 2/3rd of the global methane emmisions. Methane gas contributes the maximum in global waring.

Animal Husbandry creates more green house gas than all the transportation vehicles in the world combined!

The animals reared specially to be killed in order to consume them; to feed them, every minute 32 hectares of land are cultivated. Per year 1140 lakh hectares of land is cleared like this. This is the reason why 37% American, 42% Asian and 52% African vegetation has become extinct. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, China, Srilanka, Laos, Liberia , Guinea, Ghana and Philipines have 50% to 80% forest cleared for this. Then during rain almost 185 ton of upper layer of soil is eroded. Then after the sunlight touches that land, that land becomes red laterite soil and unfertile for farming and emits heat energy. In place of the infertile soil, if there would have been trees then that sunlight would have been absorbed by the trees and calm and pleasant weather would have spread throughout. Like this, meat consumption gives rise to global warming and doubles the amount of greenhouse gases that are released in the air.

The world is waking up to the horrific impact of animal husbandry on the environment.

Jainism has proved the existence of heaven and soul. The slaughter of birds and animals is harmful to both, humans and animals. If only this one wisdom of Jainism is realized throughout the world then global warming can be finished by its roots.

Problem 8: Earthquake

 Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Aacharang Sutra’

Shlok: “Tumam Si Nnam Sa Chchev Jam Hantvvam To Hannasi”

Meaning: “The one whom you want to kill, in reality is your own self”

In Moscow, a theory was presented to a panel of scientists – Biology of Earthquakes. According to this theory, after examining 250 earthquakes, it was proven that the cause of earthquakes is the slaughter of animals. The per capita meat consumption in Nepal is 1.1 kg. Nepal every year celebrates Gadhimai Festival which witnesses the sacrifice of 8 Lakh innocent animals. Before the disastrous Nepal Earthquake, this festival was conducted.

Just like the damage of a bomb blast is based on the vibrations set by the bomb. Same way, the earthquakes damage are based on one special kind of vibration. When animals are slaughtered, their unbearable pain leaves a unique kind of vibration in the surrounding. These vibrations left by pain forms such a cloud, which has been named by scientists as ‘Einstein’s waves of pain’. These clouds keeps on accumulating with time and becomes stronger and stronger. These clouds can even change their positions. When the clouds of water burst, it rains heavily. When these ‘clouds of accumulated pain’ bursts, it leads to earthquakes which can even break rocks! Hence proved, the epicentre of earthquake is the unnecessary, unbearable pain and agony of animals during slaughter. This fact has been presented with facts in the book ‘Etiology of Earthquakes’.

Pain waves of animals being slaughtered lead to earthquakes is what findings denote.

Jainism has set the standards of Love and compassion so high that it back then said that the killing others in reality is the killing oneself. If this truth is spread across the globe, then even earthquakes can be stopped globally.”

Problem 9: Attack on Women

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Aavashyak Sutra’

Shlok: “ikko Vi Namukkaro Jinnavaravasahassa Vruddhamaannassa.
Sansaarsaagarao Taarei Nnaram va Nnaarim va.”

Meaning: “All the reverence paid to the Supreme Jineshwar Shree Mahavir Swami by Men and Women both, can float him across the illusory oceans of the material world.” There are various ways to insult a woman but common factor in each is to ‘objectify a women and treat her like an ‘other’. In Jainism a women is always seen equal to men. Jainism says women has complete right to live a respectful life.  Women has complete right to perform penances of her choice and women have complete right to get enlightened.

This shows how women are treated at par with men in Jain society and are provided equal opportunities and treatment.

Jainism says that the one who is ignorant looks af the body and the one equipped with knowledge looks at the soul. The ones looking at the body is stuck in likes and dislikes, the one who looks at the soul transcends that and looks at enlightening possibilities. The soul is not white or black, neither superior nor inferior, neither male nor female. Body is like a box and soul is like the precious jewelry. This approach towards women of Jainism can completely solve the problems women are facing today.

Problem 10: Torture

Jain Aagam Granth: ‘Shree Sutrakrutang Sutra’

Shlok: “Savvam Jagam Tu Samayaanupehi”

Meaning: “look at the whole world equally and good intentions”.

There are many forms of torture  to oppress the weak, to kill someone, to show oneself superior by relentlessly trying to show others inferior, to be dishonest in trading, to cheat someone or indulge in communal violence, etc. In the root of all of this lies the bad intention. Jainism fills our mind with positive and well intentions. It teaches us to look at each and everyone in the world equally. Once this sight of equality is fixated in mind then performing any type of violence becomes impossible.

Mahavir Swami, spreading peace, bliss and happiness to all life forms, enlightening all to the ultimate aim of life, Moksha.

We can see what Jainism is actually. The solutions given here are like drops. Jainism is like the sea of solution, which can be the ocean of world peace and happiness. Jainism is not only a religion but also a perfect source of bliss, peace and pleasure.

So after knowing the problems plaguing the world, and their effective solution, now enters the hero, the saviour!


A solution to all the problems plaguing the world!


  1. Nicely explained and thank you for such a detailed study and write up. I would suggest the avoidance of certain superlatives (as in problem 3 ) which can repel non Jain readers unintentionally when this is shared with them. We could rather let them make judgements based on the facts present here.

  2. Thank you for enlightening us…. This blog proves that Jainism is not just a religion..It’s a way of life. #AProudJain#

  3. We are so blessed with positive karma that we are born jains. With all the facilities in need to live a life as a person.
    This is not a joke,this is not a fact, this is not a myth. But it’s all because of the GOOD KARMA’S done in past lives through which we have got a LIFE in which we aren’t born in other caste but a JAIN.
    JAIN is not a name .
    JAIN is not a brand .
    JAIN is not a tag.
    But it’s a RELIGION to whom every life in hell and heaven are praying too.
    And you know what’s the best part ?

  4. Blaming Iran for Syria and Iraq becoming a battle ground seems very unfair. The US war on Iraq in 2003 made it a battle ground. Both Iraq and Syria were on the list of 7 countries the US wished to ‘take out’ in 5 years. Do an internet search for “7 countries in 5 years”

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