29 Mar

Jainism’s views on epidemics like Corona

Tirthankar Mahavir’s preaching was methodically compiled by his followers into many texts. These texts are collectively known as Agams, the sacred books of the Jain religion.

There are three types of people in this world,

1) who learn by the examples set by others.

2) Who learn by their own bitter experiences.

3) Who do not learn even after having umpteen bitter experiences.

This Pandemic of Corona is teaching humanity a lot of things. The real question is in which category from the above three do we fall into. As and how the news of the outbreak of Corona Virus is spreading to each individual, so is spreading along with it the awareness that when the Jain way of life will be accepted only then the world will get free from deadly outbreak of Viruses like Corona. So come, let us explore what the Jain Sutras have to say on this and how Jain way of life promises a life free from viruses and diseases.

  1. Aacharang Sutra – Aacharang Sutra is the first Aagam amongst all the Aagams. It is said in that ‘Tam Se Ahiyaae’, Bad fortune awaits you the moment you kill any life form. Entire world needs to learn from the current example which China has set forth. The Wet Meat Markets of Wuhan city of China is a gut-wrenching sight and unsurprisingly and consequentially the result of it is equally gut wrenching
China’s wet meat market are not a sight for the weak heart. Name the animal and its gets sold there. Amid the Corona Pandemic China has permanently banned the trade and consumption of wild animals – a 74 billion dollar indutstry in China.

2. Sutrakrutaang Sutra -This is the Second Sutra among the Jain Aagam Sutras. It is said in it, ‘Viharejj Samahiendiye’, You keep your sense organs under your complete control. High entertainment, high transportation, hi-tech gadgets, unlimited savouring of tastebuds. This all are the symptoms of a life led by uncontrolled wild sense organs. This has led to human watch which is not supposed to be seen, eating which is not supposed to be eaten, drinking the forbidden, and visiting places not supposed to be visited. Jain Sutras say, The ultimate purpose and motivation behind crossing all these boundaries is to attain pleasure and happiness. But in actuality it is the pathway to suffering and sadness.

3) Yogashastra – This is a Mahagranth written by Kalikal Sarvagna Hemchandracharya. It is clearly written in it that, if one desires a long life then one should cultivate compassion towards all life forms, if one wants adorable beauty and good health then one should stop any kind of violence towards any life form. If one desires name and fame then one should stop any kind of violence to any life form. Violence itself is the mine of sadness and suffering, and Non – violence itself is the mine to happiness and peace.

Major pandemics in only last 50 years were caused by consuming animal products. for ex- Spanish flu, Bird flu, Swine flu, and now the Chinese virus.

4) Upaasakadsha Sutra – This is the seventh Aagam Sutra in Jainism. In it the 12 vows are described in detail. The 6th Vow in it is ‘Dikkaparimaanavrat’. In this Vrat one has to take the vow to travel only within a limited area in a day. For Example, 10 km in North, 5 km in South, 15 km in East and 3 km in West. Like this one can take this vow as per their necessity and can travel only within those confines and not travel outside it. When such a Pandemic is spreading, one can take this vow to be only in the confines of their house. With this one not only strengthens their will power but also generates good Karmas.

Many Epidemics and nuisances of the world shall stop if one whole heartedly follows this vow during outbreaks.

Jain Sadhus and Sadhvijis never live a static life at one place. They move from place to place which is called ‘Vihaar’ and lead a life of extreme discipline and renunciation. They take the vow of ‘Dikkaparimaanavrat’ during Viharas. Only purpose behind is to minimize any kind of violence to anyone, shatter binding Karmas and to find the truth of life.

Corona can also be taken as a signal from nature, as if nature is reminding us of the number lives taken by humans in lakhs of years is equal to the number of lives taken by humans in the last few decades. Countless voiceless animals killed daily. Nature, water bodies, land, forests, flaura, fauna, innocent animals, environment, everything is being turned to dust by you anthropocentric humans, if so is the attitude then corona is nothing as I have more number of viruses in store for you! If you can run slaughterhouses of animals, then I can run slaughterhouses of humans! Animal kingdom lies helpless and compulsive in front of you, you lie helpless and compulsive in front of me.

Just in one week of quarantine in various cities of the world, nature was seen reclaiming its places. Dolphins were spotted in Bombay and Italy, CO2 and methane levels have dropped drastically, ozone layer is healing. Coronavirus has definitely proved to be a blessing for the 8.4 million species except for one.

At a time when diseases like Corona, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Nipah Virus, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Salmonella, Listeria, etc, are spreading in the world, at such a time to save ones own life, Jain way of life can prove to be of a lot of benefit.

Beneficial Jain way of life to save oneself from Corona.

  1. Consume only Boiled, distilled and filtered water. No consumption of refrigerated water.
  2. Commuting and travelling only if extremely necessary.
  3. Using Handkerchief to cover mouth while coughing, sneezing and speaking.
  4. Abandon animal products like fish, flesh, eggs etc. for lifetime.
  5. Sacrifice consuming meals after sunset and sacrifice consuming roots.
  6. Stop consuming any food made or manufactured outside house.
  7. Rather than greeting with shaking hands, join hands and greet with Jai Jinendra/Pranam/Namaste.
  8. Live a lifestyle of simplicity and contentment.
  9.  Read literature which leads us on the Spiritual Path.
  10. Not to kill, hurt, toruture any life form. Not to speak bad about any life form. Not to even think bad for any life form.

Jain way of life leads to a healthy mind and body. Life becomes disease free, happy for all and most importantly peace can prevail again all over the globe for all!


  1. prabhu ni karuna,gets in experience now, virtues are bonded & curse move independent living tears in helpless is to be PAST now,as nature has uttered.karma theory explaned with example,truth needs to be understood now!
    lets spread the words of jin.

  2. You have a very informative blog, however i would suggest to have your blog name of a type which enables people from west to interact more with you. For eg. KnowingJainism, UnderstandJainism, Jainismexplained. etc.

  3. Great!!!.please share the matter to western people as now they are most confused one.

  4. Bhai Veer shashank ji, nice compilation on Jainism and a very thoughtful analysis so relevant in current scenario . To have better outreach on Jain way of life , would like to reproduce some excerpt on other social media. Pl let me have your consent .

  5. ખુબ જ ઉતમ પ્રયાસ, વિશ્લેષણ.. સાથે સાથે વ્હોટસએપ્સ થી પ્રચાર થશે તો પણ વધારે ફાયદો થશે… વ્હોટસએપ્સ ના ગ્રુપોમાં ૧ દિવસ માં ઘણી જગ્યાએ પહોંચી જશે.. લીંક થી બ્લોગમાં આવવાવાળા બહુ ઓછા હોય છે.. ૫% જણ જ હશે.. વિદેશોમાં પ્રચાર કરવા માટે બ્લોગ કામ આવી શકે… ભારતમાં પ્રચાર કરવા માટે ટવીટર, ફેસબુક, વ્હોટસએપ્સ જ વધારે કામ આવશે.. આપણે વ્હોટસએપ્સ માં પ્રભુ વીર નો પંથ ના ટોટલ ૫ ગ્રુપ ચલાવે છે…

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