06 Feb

The eco-friendly wave : Are Entrepreneurs/Retailers of this age ready for it?

The Eco-Friendly Trend you need to know about | Liamtra Blog

What is this 'eco-friendly wave'?

The world is on the verge of an Industrial Revolution 4.0. The economic model of development with humans in the centre has failed, and its a visible fact as we see our oceans choking with plastic, air poisoned by the burning of fossil fuels - which can't be turned a blind eye upon. Buyers and sellers have learnt that co-existence and eco-friendly is the only way out. No wonder there has been a change in producers' and consumers' behaviour.

Customers ask for more eco-friendly alternatives and have started boycotting anything harmful to the environment. Even the producers have started understanding this, and have strategically incorporated eco-friendly means in their business to survive in this cut-throat competitive world. Most of these 'woke' consumers consist of young and passionate youth who want change, and want it now! They don't think twice before sacrificing convenience for the greater good.

In a country, which is going to have 60% youth by 2030, businesses changing their business models to eco-friendly to target that audience is only rational.

Plastic Bags Are More Environmentally Friendly

Small change, which can benefit Indian Businesses long time. 

As India culturally has always been an eco-friendly country which respects the existence and well being of nature and animals, the transition from plastic bags to cloth bags has been a welcomed change in consumers and retailers.

Plastic, undisputed, is one of the biggest environment harmers for reasons like it takes 100's of years to decompose and that it has started interfering in different ecosystems of the world. Boycotting plastic has been a new trend amongst the youth. In its place, people are using the more viable option of cloth bag which is not only much better but also supports Narendra Modi's idea of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.


This is how cotton bags can help u boost your business.

Investing in future to increase business.

1) Eco-friendly - Helps you get the futuristic young customers. India is going to have 60% youth population by 2030. To capture that audience is important.

2) Strength - Cotton bags are way stronger and more durable than plastic bags.

3) Unique Style - Makes brands and retail shops look a class apart, good for brand retention. People carrying cotton bags with your brand print on it just gives a more trustworthy feel and appeal about your brand. Also, customers preserve cotton bags for a longer time than plastic bags, hence its free and long lasting advertisement for your brand.



4) Supports rural households and generates employment - It supports the long term vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of developing Aatmanirbhar Bharat.


Vigilant and aware entrepreneurs have a good option right at their doorstep to easily transition to cotton bags.

Presenting, Made in Palitana Cotton bags. With customizable prints.
Supports local business and generates employment.


And not only this; we're proud to inform you that entire manufacturing of these cloth bags is done by a Women SHG (self help group). The women of this cooperative took the matter in their hands to rise above the difficult financial situation they were in because of lockdown! Let's support their will of self-independence and mark a new chapter in rural entrepreneurship. Besides this the menace created by plastic is not only limited to environment degradation but affects a huge number of living ecosystems. Cattles like cows and buffaloes and scavenger are largely affected by consuming such plastic mistakenly and die a miserable and painful death. We definitely believe that the advantages of this initiative can never be covered in the length of this blog. Probably a book might fall short too!
But all in all this is clearly a huge go for society and nature and hence we're calling all the concerned citizens out there to support this initiative!
Spread the message, promote the enterprise, support the cause, be the CHANGE!

Let's pledge to not use plastic bags and save numerous lives and our planet!
Let's Pledge

Let's support these entrepreneurial and independent women!
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