05 Sep


Did you see the recent photo shoot of Ranvir Singh? If not, here it is for you, which is available on the Internet of your child’s smartphone and your child must have seen it Way before you, without you even knowing it.

Shocked yet? Don’t be shocked at this because the world of Porn is more shocking when you discover what havoc it has been creating without you having the hint of it.


I am 24 years old and live in Mumbai. I purposefully showed THESE photos to my mother and grandmother to make them aware of the world they are living in.

They were shocked, angry, confused, disgusted all at the same time when they saw this. Their first thought “What degraded and explicit quality of content are the children exposed to today!”

They would have not known about it had I not made them aware of this.

A few questions to the parents reading this

“do you really know what your children are being exposed to without your knowledge?”


“Do you know what your children discuss with their friends when they are alone?”


“Do you know what websites, webpages, celebrity traits does your child surf when they get privacy or when no one is around?”


If no, then here’s a cautioning sign for you.

Bring your children back to you! NOW!

The above image is of a well known  English singer Britney Spears who is currently thought to be going through mental issues. Her Images are visible to ANYONE on Instagram. An innocent Jain Kid from my society, hardly 12 years of tender age, was following this celebrity on Instagram. His parents doesn’t know that what has he been exposed to all in the name of social media.

Do you know what your child is watching?

There are COUNTLESS of such images over Instagram.

Do you wish your child to be viewing content like this? If no, Bring your children back to you, NOW!

You might be wondering, “My children are with me all the time. What are you talking about?”

But the truth is there is HUGE wall of ignorance standing between parents and the generation of children.

Parents are COMPLETELY unaware of what is being fed to their children in their own house through smartphones and social media. Parents invest heavily on education in hopes and promise of creating bright future for the family and for the nation but social media is running a vicious propaganda to turn your children’s intelligence into dumbness. It is today used as a tool to brainwash naive and gullible kids into believing their lies of nudity, superficiality and social causes.


Men dressing as women, same sex marriage, radical feminism is what the woke culture is all about: a mindset that can single handedly destroy your children’s bright future.

This entire rubbish of ‘woke culture’ is giving a false sense of purpose to young minds and is shaping them against their own rich, proud, flourished and prospered culture.

Woke culture Is represented with a rainbow flag.

The woke movement comprises of liberals, feminists, Vegans and LGBTQ+ activists, who pose themselves as modernists. When your child gets fed with there content they slowly start thinking like them.

Feminism brainwashes your child in believing that Hinduism and Jainism are anti women and they give less freedom to women compared to men. Under this garb they go on to instill radical thoughts in young girl’s minds of entering Temple premises despite being under excruciating pain of menstruation. Some go to the extent of throwing used pads on Temple walls.

The LGBTQ activists brainwash your kids in believing that same sex marriage is absolutely fine. They instil absurd theories that ones identity is limited to their sexual orientation ONLY and that the world is inherently discriminatory towards LGBTQ community.

The symptoms

If your child is wearing metals on eyebrows, tongue, chin, and elsewhere, drenching his/ her hair in toxic chemicals and colours, not bathing for weeks, then this is a sign that you as a parent need to talk to them about their thoughts.

The other thing to be mindful about is to keep a check on the people or pages your child is following. You need to see what posts your child is putting on social media. The time is such that monitoring your child is the only way you can safeguard him/her from the harm. The seriousness of the situation can be understood from the fact that countries like France have already started putting check on the western culture being brought on their soil from the USA and have stopped it openly, but India is yet to refuse it.


What to do if your child has fallen prey to it?

Parents, before saving Jain sanskriti, save your family, save your kids who are becoming Woke.

The media today seems to be openly challenging the parents that “you may have the power, but we have your children and we are investing heavily in brainwashing your future generations.”

So firstly, strictly monitor your children’s online presence. Ideally children shouldn’t be allowed to use mobile after 9PM and should be allowed to use only in parent’s guidance. Remember, Internet isn’t bad, but few things on it are unimaginably worse.

Secondly, educate your children firmly about what is right and what is wrong. A tree with deep roots never gets uprooted in storms! Similarly, a child with deep roots of values can never be influenced by the dirt of negative social media contents.

Our culture.

Our Jain Sanskriti worships the divine in feminine! Unlike Abrahamic faiths, We have female Gods.

Educate young minds on how we Indians and jains set the rules of feminism to safeguard the sanctity of women with utmost respect and honor.

Hailing from a Sanskriti that follows utmost principles of Ahimsa, we do not need to be lectured from the LGBTQ movements to tell us on how to develop love and compassion. We run the most no of gaushalas (cow sheds), we reach out to any corner of the nation when any natural calamity strikes and serve people with utter selflessness, we run huge no of charitable institutions that work towards welfare causes of medical, education and relief to poor. So we should be the last ones to be lectured on how to treat everyone with love and respect! The only point that I want to make is that before a dummy mindset with “only preach, no action” mindset takes over your child, make him realize the rich legacy and superiority of the sanskriti that we belong to!


Conclusion. No Jobs for them

If as a parent you fail to monitor your child then be prepared to see your child be an utter failure in life. Your child will end up having the worst of the thought processes, degradation in IQ levels and have worst general knowledge.

Kids in America who fall prey to this Wokism can’t:

– Do basic math

– Show countries on a map

– Live without parent’s support

– Write correct spellings

The same thing applies to your own children too.

They become unemployable and end up being heavily addicted: to smartphones, laziness, marijuana, celebrity, sex, ‘protests’ and all sort of unproductive activities and thoughts.

So parents, make conscious decisions. Monitor your children!


  1. Yeah, it’s seriously such a big issue on current situations…..parents should be more aware ….
    Nice artical 👍👌

  2. Really very shocking…. as we the parents are busy in our business/job, could not pay attention to our children…. very confussive matter how to prevent them ? Let us do something special towards them by love and affection of joint & united family concept…… Let us bring them before our great Mahatams & their preeches for good virtue & blessings…… We will be saved if we can save our religion……

  3. We all want to come out of this so called Modern Word and Freedom.
    If We want the Change then specially Mother’s got to create confidence on the Religious Principles and Bring Religionality in Oneself.

  4. 100% true if we want to give a better and good future to our child then seriously we have to look out these matters
    These all r common issues but our eyes and our mind r not going on them
    These matters r the starting points now we have to finish these startup then only we can give a better life to our child….

  5. I totally agree and appreciate the care and concern for the our future generations, hats off to your hard work please keep it up, your research is to the point and very useful to parents who are unaware of these facts, eagerly waiting for part 2 👌👏👍💖🙏🏻

  6. Very important and eyeopening message to the parents to save their childrens from woke culture. Thank u veer shasan sevak for this information.

  7. Feels like before saving Children, First SAVE PARENTS. If PARENTS SAVED CHILDREN will be saved automatically.
    It is soo sad that Parents are watching these without a feeling of guilt or shame.

    OTT is serving so much so much vulgar content that can’t be described.
    Serving hatred content, vulgar language, only violence content. what to say..!!! 🙁

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