Rehabilitation of Migrant workers secondary -Transporting 1000’s of animals is primary for govt!!!

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Recently it was had come into light that India was exporting live animals in order to fulfill demands from Middle-East counties on the occasion of Ramadan. The animals were being transported from Rajasthan to Kutch for export from Tuna Port. Tuna Port had immediately issued trade notice stating that “Non Transmission of COVID19 through domesticated goat/sheep has yet not been established while handling them. Hence it has been decided to suspend handling of livestock at Tuna Port from 30/04/2020 till further notice in order to eliminate spread of COVID19.”

But apparently the authorities just try to outsmart people by shifting the location of export to Angre Port Ratnagiri and some other parts of Maharashtra. These animals had fake fitness certificate risking the health and stability of a very large zone.

1300 animals were recently exported from red hotspot zone Mumbai and the important part it that this time there were not fake fitness certificates of these animals. Infact there no certificates AT ALL. So the question is where we are ready to take a hit of thousands of crores due to lockdown as a economy to curb the spread of virus, is a revenue through live animal exports of roughly few lakhs really really important?

Another important question this raises is besides state borders being closed and no transport being available for any kind of movement of inessential goods and stranded migrant workers, the arrangements transport of these animals from one location to another is just cake walk!

Sadly current unjust situation!

Time and again there have been instances of massive outbreak of viruses through animals and amidst this outbreak it is just so difficult to understand consequences of these, isn’t it?

Needless to say what harm this does and what consequences it would have.

  1. Under lockdown due to pandemic COVID-19, when only essentials are being transported, how did the authorities got the permission to export living animals?
  2. During this contagious pandemic COVID-19, by exporting animals, are we fulfilling the demand from Arab countries for Ramadan?
  3. Even after an eye opening crisis, when nature has shown us our place, haven’t we learned any lesson out of it? Has government lost the mercy/sensitivity completely?
  4. For all of your kind information, these mute and innocents are being exported from many years on a large scale and is still on. As of now, from 25th April they are being exported.
  5. Rules are for only common man and not for the wealthy exporters who are doing illegal export of live animals by violating hundreds of rules and laws even during this pandemic.

Also Indian animals are live roasted by Middle-East countries. Should we just be an audience to this level of extreme cruelty to our animals?

And what do we call the emphasis of government on staying home and not breaching the lockdown for our own good but in the other hand transporting these animals and dangering entire country where it is already on the brink….umm what’s word….ohh yeah it’s called “hypocrisy”.

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